That's interesting, Chris. Why are you trying to strip your zen from your 
Buddhist teachings? Without the Buddhist teachings Zen (as a path) would not 
exist. Mike.

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Oh goodness, I would have never imagined!  This nomination means so 
much to me! I first, and foremost, would like to thank my family who 
has supported me throughout this endeavor.
As I see it, (and perceptions are different with each individual) 
we have 3 distinct parties.  I like to think that I belong to the 
Zazen Party, with at least Bill, Mike and myself. I think that Mike 
may represent Zen Buddhism, I may represent the non-practicing Zen 
lovers who are trying to strip my Zen from my Buddhists teachings, 
and Bill who represents True Zen. 
The Chan party, a significant '3rd' party, will be represented by 
none other than the illustrious JMJM. He will be running on the 
platform of 'no labels'. He is an advocate of the Chi.
And lastly, we have the OTHER significant party. The one 
represented by the intellectual elite, who believe they are too 
smart for the masses who waste their time sitting. THEY have figured 
out the short cut to Living Zen. The do-anything- feel-good bunch 
that they are. But don't let me cast aspersions upon my worthy 
opponents, let them tell you the path that you, too, can take to 
experience this Living Zen.

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> <summitjags@ > wrote:> Everyone has his/her own path. My belief is 
> that "letting go" through strict training is valid path to Living 
> and Enlightenment, and those that tell you it is not necessary are 
> > helping your path.
> > 
> >
> We should all vote on what is the Best Way and then agree to 
follow it 
> for one year beginning January 1, 2009. 
> At this point I see five possible gurus:
> A) JM
> B) Bill
> C) Edgar
> D) Roloro 
> E) Cid
> If anyone else would like to be considered for the post of 
> Zen Forum guru of 2009, please post your nominations by Friday. 
> polling begins on Saturday and the poll will close 12/31/08. 
> Al



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