Hi Margie,

Thanks for the clarification. BTW the Vestals were actual biological virgins and if they strayed they were buried alive as a punishment.


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Hi Edgar,

The original meaning of the word virgin was a woman who is not under
the dominion of any man - as in Vestal Virgins. The prostitutes at
Aphrodites' temples were also referred to as virgins. Besides, I
figured if Queen Elizabeth the 1st could reclaim her virginity, so can I.

I've always been a lesbian. It just took me a very long time to figure
out that wanting children didn't make me heterosexual. And there was
almost no cultural support in such matters for young people when I was
growing up. Zen has been a big help to me in this, by the way.

Margie (roloro1557)

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> Hi Margie,
> Read your poems at your site and was quite impressed and hope to read
> more if you can post them. Your tone reminds me of mine a lot, one
> that I think few people appreciate, sort of a deep very conscious yet
> very simple clarity of nature as it is in its overwhelming realness
> in the moment.
> Was surprised to find you are a virgin and a lesbian though! Wouldn't
> have suspected that! Hopefully you mean metaphorically? :-)
> Best,
> Edgar

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