Bill and Margie,

Words are nothing but marks on paper in themselves, it is what they point to and conjure that is their test. Ideally they are lies that tell the truth, fingers pointing at the moon.


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>Am I the only one who is struck funny that a writer (me) is having a
>text-only discussion about the difficulties and uselessness of words!?

I know you are a recent participant to this forum, but this is a theme that I rail about all the time - especially when I get painted into a verbal corner by some of the other more skillful posters. But, in fact, I think when it comes to zen words are indeed 'difficult' to use effectively, but not 'useless'. You, being a poet, should be able to find a way to express yourself by using words in new and different ways to reach the reader that
even the most adroit prose cannot.

I've always thought the most appropriate response to a post asking about Buddha Nature would be to not respond - a no-post, silence; but that doesn't work very well in a text-based internet forum setting. So...we post, and we
post, and we post.

I hope to see more of your posts and read more of your words and be able to
be affected by more of your thoughts in the very near future.


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