Thanks for your 'golden silence'. At least I can live in a fool's paradise for 
the moment.

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> Hi Margie,
> This is a very moving story. I hope things will always work 
^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^ ^^ 
> out like that. But what if they don't? 
^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^
Things will not always work out like that, you can bet on it. But it
is a possibility. It is another way to look at the problem.

> Please note I am not contradicting you. Please don't be 
> offended. My question is what if the 'bad' student keeps 
> stealing with no repentence. 

I could give you the answer to this, but you won't like it, so I
choose to remain silent.

> We all like a happy ending. Sometimes we may not have it. 
^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^
Most of the time we won't have it. I just don't think the answer is to
keep building more and more prisons, to keep spreading more and more
fear of hell, of punishment in future lives not yet lived. I could
tell you what I think of this too, but I'm sure you wouldn't like it.
Again I choose to remain silent.

Thank You,
Margie (roloro1557)


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