Thanks Bill. I was very impressed by this glimpse into what looks like a wonderful clear lifestyle. BTW, you have truly exceptional eyes! If anyone here wants to see what true Zen looks like just take a look at Bill's eyes.


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You asked:
>I am curious as to why Thailand though? Are you working there or retired?

It's a long and winding road. I happen to be on the Thailand section of the
road now.

I came here about 6 or 7 years ago on a consulting engagement. At that time
I was living on a sailboat near Mobile, Alabama and was thinking about
sailing leisurely down through the Caribbean for a couple years and
eventually relocating in Brazil. I'd worked in Brazil in the past and liked it a lot. While working in Bangkok I made several trips to Koh Samui (an island off the extreme southeastern tip of Thailand in the Gulf of Siam) to a friend-of-a-friend's small beach resort located there. I liked Koh Samui a lot so after my consulting engagement I decided to live there for 6 months or so to give it a try. I did, and found I liked it a lot (I tend to like everywhere I live a lot), so arranged to dispose of my boat and relocated to Koh Samui. While living in Koh Samui I met the woman who is now my wife. We were married about 5 years ago. Soon after we married we moved from Koh Samui to mountains in the northeastern part of Thailand, where my wife was
from originally. We now live there.

I describe myself 'semi-retired'. I still do some consulting. I like to work about 4 to 6 months a year. I work mainly in Southeast Asia, India and
Australia, but will go wherever I find an interesting opportunity.

You can find more out about me at my personal website and
my business website


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