Nice story! My ex-wife used to practice Zen occasionally so we both have our 
own 'Zen cow' experiences. However, mine cost a lot more than $3.50 to put a 
smile on my face...

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Hi Edgar and Mike-

Did you see the post on my blog about the zen cow:

"October 4, 2008
It was an absolutely gorgeous fall day yesterday. My brother and
sister-in-law came to visit from out of town. My sister-in-law wanted
to make the rounds of the antique malls to look for the cat jewelry
she collects. We parked the car so we could walk and enjoy the
weather. We had lunch outdoors. The conversation was light, with lots
of laughing. The sun was warm while the breeze was cool. Children were
laughing and playing. I was completely at home from the inside out.

We made our way to the last antique mall and were browsing through the
many isles and displays. I looked up and saw a small statue of a cow-
it was painted brilliant sky blue with puffy white clouds all over. I
immediately thought, "It's the zen cow!" and I laughed out loud. Every
time I look at it I laugh. What a treasure for $3.50!

So moo! or mu!"

Margie (roloro1557)



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