My condolences and best wishes.


On Nov 7, 2008, at 8:08 AM, Bill Smart wrote:

Zen Forum,

I'll be participating in this group on very sporadically for an
extended period of time - maybe as much as a month or more.

I am in the USA now. I arrived just in time to be with my father
before he passed away. He finally succumbed after a 5-year bout with
lymphoma and the crippling side-effects of the chemotherapy he was
taking to control the cancer. He died on 05Feb. He would have been
91 on 08Feb.

My mother is almost 90 herself. She's had Alhzheimer's for 3 or 4
years now. About a year ago it had progressed enough to require
putting her into a full-care facility (nursing home) in the same
assisted living community where my dad lived.

Right now I'm staying in their old apartment in the assisted living
area. I'll be here for at least the balance of Nov and maybe longer
taking care of all the legal, financial, personal propery issues, and
arranging a move for my Mom out to a full-care facility in the North
Bay area of San Francisco so she can be near two of my daughters and
their families who live in Castro Valley and Sonoma.

Keep up all the great discussions! During the next month or so I
will probably monitor the Zen Forum but will seldom participate.

If necessary you can continue to reach me at my personal email


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> I'm going to be away from my computer for about 2 while I fly from
> to the USA.
> I've not lost interest in these posting and will try to catch up
after I've
> arrived at my destination.
> .Bill!

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