A good answer: there was a movie called Logan's Run, where a society has a law 
that shoots anyone over 30 years old with a laser gun. So the city has ended up 
with all young people and lives happily, until inevitably they are 30.

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I have to post this to vent. It is very frustrating to me, I live in Arizona, 
and it is full of old people everywhere. These old people are so stupid and 
annoying and slow. Their driving is scary. 

This is what is so frustrating: 

A) When they pay at a supermarket or store, they never stop talking. Two 
minutes after the total has been rung up, they are still chatting. Then they 
look for their money in the bottom of their purse for another two minutes. Then 
the cashier rings it up, and the old person says: WAIT A MINUTE, I THINK I HAVE 

Watch them search for pennies with their bent and arthritic fingers. It takes 
forever. Then they are also stupid and cannot count, so they have to count the 
change five times. 

B) Driving, they are either going ten miles an hour or they are swerving from 
lane to lane, often both. No wonder so many kids are killed by old people while 
waiting for their school bus.

C) Parking, these dried up old bastards take forever to get it right. In and 
out into the parking spot and then they still end up crooked and over one of 
the lines. Worse yet is when they try to back into a parking spot. 

D) Walking in a mall or any other place, they walk like turtles. If you cannot 
pass them, it is a nightmare. If you are on line behind an old person, it is 
very tempting to just knock him down and step over him. 

e) Dirty Old Men who are always trying to be friendly to me because I am a 
young women. Their eyes bulge out when they try to look down my shirt, and they 
look like dead mummies when they are trying to be cool. It is very sickening. 
Viagra has given these mummies too much imagination. 

WHAT TO DO?? I do not want to move to another city, as there are bound to be 
old people there, though probably less. I am going to research on google which 
cities have the least old people. Meantime, how do I fill up with patience?? 
What is the answer? Don't just tell me that I will get old too. I want an 
answer NOW, while I am still young!!!


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