What, no way? Yes, there are ways. 
Bill Smart's way: no samsara, no nirvana, no suffering, no fun.
Tantric Buddhist way: reincarnated tulkus (permanent samsara), attaining 
Buddhahood in this very life (immediate nirvana), living in a mountain cave for 
12 years (a great deal of suffering), performing sex rituals (a lot of fun).
These are two opposites. What is your choice? Mind you, you must take the whole 
thing, not just part of the story. For instance, you cannot perform sex rituals 
without living in solitude for 12 years. Otherwise, you would be a phoney 
Tantric Buddhist.

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No Way!


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> Bill Smart Era means no samsara, no nirvana, no suffering and no fun.
> Anthony


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