Hey, let's hear it for sexual rituals!!!
  Seriously, I have practiced Buddhaism and love it for the peace and 
tranquility it brings you. And there I contradict myself! LOL
  See, the thing in Buddhaism about sex---as well as any state of Being--is 
that it is not a state of Being unto itself. ALL states of being are part of 
the Whole. 
  We should never think that "our" view of the multiverse is the only view of 
the multiverse.
  There is so much more to "reality" than small minds can concieve.
                                   DR. ORIENT ROHMER 

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This is no dumb question. We should all think about that. There are many, even 
those still alive claim to be more enlightened than Buddha. One of them is Li 
Hongzhi, founder of the Falun Gong sect, who claims to be able to metamorphose 
into more different bodies than Buddha was able to. There are Tantric masters, 
who says they will attain at least the same level as Buddha by performing the 
highest yoga: sex rituals. 

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Subject: [Zen] Re: Was Buddha The Most Enlightened? ??
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It seems as though the name change hasn't changed the nature of your 
posts. Don't believe the old saying "there is no such thing as a 
dumb question!" There is!



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> Is everyone else's enlightenment just a pale reflection of the 
> Buddha's eenlightenment? Can anyone ever be more enlightened than 
> Buddha? Was Dogen more illuminated? ? Who was the most enlightened 
> human to ever walk the earth?

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