I guess this is where I've run into problems with general Christianity. Some of 
the bible is open to interpretation. Some of it is not. Some of it must be 
strictly followed. Some of it you CAN'T follow. There is way to much ambiguity 
for me.


I have found it to be very spiritually uplifting. It connects the 
Bible to the positive messages and how Christianity is not about 
hatred, etc. It also points out that some messages in the Bible are 
not up for interpretation, and why. I have enjoyed the book so far. It 
has re-defined some of my thinking about some topics. 

I guess it also depends on your own field of experience. Some issues 
are more interesting to me than others, but I have enjoyed reading the 
points of view and ideas. The book is like a discussion, and I enjoy 
the thoughtful tone. 


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