I would never consider myself in any position to judge a person's stage of 
enlightenment, my own included. I was merely commenting that he did some very 
nice art work.
If I were pressed, though, I'd say my own stage of enlightenment is somewhere 
between poor and piss poor, however, I'm loving the journey.

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Welcome Billo,

I was skeptical as to how someone can judge the degree of one's 
Enlightenment. I guess this is a good way, to analyze their 
accomplishments.  Thanks for your post. 


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> Excellent work! I'm impressed with you anatomical knowledge and 
your Franzetta "Death Dealer" is spot on! Nice stuff, dude. Where is 
your shop located?
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> I have to think that Dogen was more enlightened than Buddha. Dogen 
found the Soto lineage. Dogen too zen all over Japan. Dogen was an 
active leader. Buddha was nothing without his followers and 
assistants. He was more along the lines of a manager than anything 
> By the way, let me introduce myself. My name is Billo and I am a 
tatoo artist! Check out my tats!


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