Thank you for your elucidation again. I can agree with all you say except for 
your statement that nothing needs to be justified. Then, kiling, lying, 
womanizing, drinking... do not need to be justified. They are 'just this'.

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The word 'Buddha Mind' is used to communicate something - an experience. It is 
hollow if it is not successful in communicating. I started to write a more 
detailed response to your post, but remembered a good quote that I think makes 
the point pretty well:

"The original mind or true self of the human being is the proper ground of 
enlightenment. Original Mind is the intrinsic essence of mind, the true self. 
It is inherently pure and good, and in Christian terms it can be said to 
participate in the Kingdom of God. In Eastern traditions it is prior to 
thought, prior to desire, prior to any conceptualization at all. It is 
discovered by stripping away all sensation, desire, concepts, intellection, 
volition, and awareness of "I." It partakes of the Oneness of all. Buddhism 
calls this mind the Buddha Nature, and much of Buddhist practice is aimed at 
its realization. They also call it "no-mind" because it is without any grasping 
at a (selfish) self. Taoists seek to strip away all intellection and formalism 
in order to arrive at the spontaneous activity of the natural man, who lives at 
one with the Tao of the universe." (Unfortunately I do not know the source of 
this quote, but it is self-explanatory and really
 does not need to be authenticated by knowing the name of its author)

I often call this 'Just THIS!'.

Original mind, Buddha Mind, no-mind, Kingdom of God/Kingdom of Heaven proceeded 
Buddha, Buddhism, Zen Buddhism, Christianity and zen. All of these, except zen, 
are religions built up around someone's experience of Just THIS! and their 
subsequent attempts to share this experience with their followers.. I exclude 
zen (as distinct to Zen Buddhism) because zen does not have all the trappings 
of a religion, but does share the attempt to share the experience with others - 
but I've gone into my views on all of that ad nauseum in many previous postings.

To you last point in your posting:
> The problem is that it tends to make things look easy. Since we all
>have the same Buddha mind, everything we do is justified.

If you operate from your Buddha Mind, everything is easy. No effort. No 
indecisions. No mind. Just THIS!

Nothing is 'justified', nor needs to be justified. To whom would you justify 
it? What is 'justice'? All just is. Just THIS! Nothing more.


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Both yours and Al's answer are very acceptable. On the other hand, I have yet 
to prove the idea of 'Buddha mind' came from historical Buddha. It may have 
been later Mahayanist invention. The problem is that it tends to make things 
look easy. Since we all have the same Buddha mind, everything we do is 



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