Good question!
My answer is that justification is not by God, Allah, Brahman, Bill or Anthony. 
It is by karma. If I kill somebody, I create karma that will come back to me 
someday to result in a very bad situation where I will suffer a lot. In other 
words, actions do not need to be justified to anybody, but they will affect the 
doer. Justification may not be a right word, but you know what I mean. I know 
you don't believe in karma. Tell me what is the rule of this universe? What 
will happen to me if I steal something? Nothing? If you deny karma, but accept 
Newton's laws, you are saying that the material world has a very precise rule, 
but spiritually everything is haphazard.

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Okay, if you think justification is necessary I have some questions for you:

1. What kind of actions need to be justified? All actions, or only 'bad' 
actions? If so, who determines they are 'bad' and need justification?
2. Who needs to justify these actions? The doer? You?
3. To whom do these actions need to be justified? The receiver? The doer's 
conscience? God? You?


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Thank you for your elucidation again. I can agree with all you say except for 
your statement that nothing needs to be justified. Then, kiling, lying, 
womanizing, drinking... do not need to be justified. They are 'just this'.



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