There are illusions and there are illusions. The veils of illusion are multiple and myriad. Some are easy to penetrate, others impossible as they are artifacts of our existence in human form.

I'm surprised that you accept anything as 'not illusion' based on past discussions, but if you accept pain then why not physical causality? If a brick drops on your foot, you accept that the pain it causes is real, but not that the brick dropping on your foot caused it?


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You'll have to re-read some of my previous posts. In them I clearly stated that 'pain' (actually the sense of touch) is NOT AN ILLUSION.


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How can you cry, 'ouch' to an illusion. So it is not. Before you reach nirvana(to which I hope you are just around the corner), or whatever you call it, you are still in samsara. A lot of things are real there, including suffering. Once you reach the goal, they are all illusions.


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