I'd be happy to moderate the group if you wish. I already moderate a number of science oriented groups so am familiar with what is required, and it would be just a little extra effort.


On Jan 22, 2009, at 2:14 PM, fitness4u2163 wrote:

I have no interest in participating in this group this year, so I
would like to find someone who can handle the moderator duties. This
entails deleting spam, banning spammers, and reading the emails in
order to take people off moderated status if they are halfway normal
and put people back on moderated status if they describe any graphic
sexual activities or post pornography. You must also check the link
sections and files sections and photo albums for pornography or links
to non-zen websites, etc.

Please nominate yourself to the group so that a winner can be chosen
by popular acclamation and/or by my choice, depending on who it is.

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