You mean I won't be getting a $100 million salary for tanking the group? Oh, I forgot, this isn't a wall street bank!


On Jan 23, 2009, at 1:19 AM, fitness4u2163 wrote:

Edgar Owen < I'd be happy to moderate the group if you wish. I
already moderate a number of science oriented groups so am familiar
with what is required, and it would be just a little extra effort.

Dear Edgar,

thanks for your interest. You are a very nice person, and I enjoy
reading your observations.

I am going to keep the offer open for a few more days so that
everyone can have a shot. I would not mind adding more than one
assistant moderator. Keep in mind, that your duties,
responsibilities, and power will be very limited. You can ban those
you do not like, but only after verbally humiliating them in true Zen
Forum fashion. Bill will be the ultimate authority on all issues
regarding sarcasm and humiliation.

You will not be able to stay at the Zen Forum retreat lodge or my
private mansion until you have worked as an assistant moderator for
at least one year. You will be eligible for vacations in Japan, 401K,
pension plan, casino pass, profit-sharing, and Vegas trips depending
on your ability to recruit gullible members of this group who are
willing to pay the monthly membership fee of $25.00 per month and a
dollar per post.

I just want you to understand that the last assistant moderator (2003-
2004) hated me bitterly because she did not understand the concept of
me screwing around with people for the sake of my entertainment. I
hope that my joking does something positive for the victims, but it
always provides sarcastic entertainment for me. I see that as win-

I have curtailed that side of my moderator activities over the past
few years, but lately I find it hard not to return to the old ways. I
am burned out again. I guess that means that I need a break from this
group, so that I can step back and appreciate all the good people
that are here.

In spite of my best efforts, this is a really good group of very nice
people. I would like to come back with the Beginner's Mind and feel
the love and the strength of the ideas and people.

Confucius say: When the finger points to the moon, the imbecile looks
at the finger.

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