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[Bill!...from a previous post]  "The point for this thread is that this
thinking of, and perhaps acting for
yourself or others is spontenous and not a result of any hope for reward or
of punishment "

This is so. There should be no expectation or fear as the cause of
compassionate actions, but there is a state of being to which compassion
arises naturally.

[Bill!]  Agreed, but then it is not called compassion.

[Bill!...from a previous post]  "like satisfying an internal goal or
external rule to be compassionate."

Correct also no need to follow an external goal, however there are acts of
compassion and ones that are not of compassion.

[Bill!] There are no acts of compassion done.  There are acts of compassion
observed by others.

Acts of compassion are not a rule but they are identifiable.

[Bill!] Acts of Compassion may be identifiable by others, but if you are not
applying judgment there are no different qualities in one act as opposed to
another act to identify.

Much like gravity functions, and the laws of physics function and are able
to be measured and validated, so too compassion is a functioning thing.

[Bill!] .and Compassion can probably be measured by an observer just as
gravity can be measured: 'a little compassion', 'a lot of compassion',
'don't give a shit'?  How would you measure it?  Perhaps 'normal' compassion
could be referred to as just 'C', and then twice as much compassion could be
referred to as '2-C's'.  Maybe you could tear compassion apart and find out
how it works.  Then you could quantify it better by measuring it's parts -
like gravity: 32ft/sec/sec?

Compassion is not a 'functioning thing'.  It's just a label/name we put on
one of our many illusory discriminations.

Not all actions are compassion, not all liberated actions are compassion. 

[Bill!] If you're 'picking and choosing' among illusions of the quality of
actions, then yes - some are compassionate and some are not.  If you are
'liberated', are not 'picking and choosing', then actions are just actions.
It's up to someone else to decide whether they fit their own particular
definition of 'compassionate' or not - and maybe even to measure it. 

I'm now back from Kuala Lumpur.Bill!

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