Be and let be, so I go to an orgyhouse, I go looting, burning, taking drugs, 
and will accept all.

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Subject: [Zen] Compassion
Date: Monday, 2 August, 2010, 2:41 AM


Dear All,

What we teach in our school is to accept all form, because they are all 
manifestations of the universe.

Especially the internal forms, existing in our mind as theories, 
concepts, logic, terminologies, idealism based on language.

Forms are all transient, relative, and there for a reason. When our ego 
takes on a position, then we are in danger of discriminating against the 
position of others. We are no longer whole, no longer one with the 
universe. We are lost in our discriminating mind.

So what do we do? and let be...... experience..... awaken.... 
and never ever

pick or choose...


Be Enlightened In This Life - We ALL Can

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