And another thing(s). . . .

When I said "I do these things because I can" - as in I am responsible -
where responsible = able to respond.

I *HELP* my neighbor. Just help her, that's all. I don't liberate her or
give her peace. I *FEED* the cats. Just feed them, that's all. I don't
liberate them or give them peace. I do volunteer *WORK* at the library.
Just volunteer work, that's all. I don't liberate the library or give it
peace. Geeze!

I would appreciate it if in the future you do not assume you know what I
mean. It's a pretty safe bet I don't mean what you mean! Also please do
not twist my words into something they are not meant to say. If
something is not clear to you, just ask.

This kind of stuff is why the old masters were so careful with words and
didn't talk so much!


FROM: Over the hills and far away. . .
The way to do is be. Lao Tzu

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