Hi Jody;
Thanks for you empathy towards my person.  But as someone said: "Forgive them 
for they live in forgetfullness"  It is said that everything happens for a 
reason.  Perhaps the reason here is that I may not need from TNH any longer 
retreats.  One never knows when the bulb of enlightened is going to be switch 
on/off and find myself guiding the "Holy TNH!.  
Warm embrace
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Hello Mayka,

Your message really disturbed me. I think the lack of compassion you found
in the meditation groups that you attended is terrible.

I have a good friend whose boyfriend calls himself a compassionate Buddhist
but when my friend's good friend died she sobbed for three hours and he just
walked out of the room. 

It just goes to show you that you can stand in a garage and call yourself a
car but you are not a car just like some people can call themselves Buddhist
and not be one.


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