Most or all on the Zen Forum appear to have a "meaning system that
provides structure and helps them understand their world."

You appear to be the odd one out.  Are you?


"Brain study shows that thinking about God reduces distress -- but only
for believers." August 4th, 2010.

" "Thinking about religion makes you calm under fire. It makes you less
distressed when you've made an error," says Inzlicht. "We think this can
help us understand some of the really interesting findings about people
who are religious. Although not unequivocal, there is some evidence that
religious people live longer and they tend to be happier and healthier."
Atheists shouldn't despair, though. "We think this can occur with any
meaning system that provides structure and helps people understand their
world." Maybe atheists would do better if they were primed to think
about their own beliefs, he says."

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