Hi Ed:
What are you doing?.  How things are going?.  Thank you for the good 
intentioned link you posted.  I opened the link and just look on the surface.  
Haven't read it.  My eyes resent a little bit too much reading on the computer 
screeem. Your intentions of help are appreciated, though.
This part of the practice of sitting down wherever I am and with whatever stuff 
is going on in my body and mind,  is always a lot of more effective and wiser 
than any scietific, hipothetical,intelectual  reading I can do.  It also found 
of both: great help and benefit the sharing of those practicioners who have 
evolved enough in the practice and because of that can talk about their own 
direct personal experiences and how their responses and isights.  All the rest 
is another way of entertainment.  
Friends, there is something that can not be cheated on and no matter how 
hard our unskillful mind tries and that is the insight that comes through real 
diligence and  work in the practice.  Even when I am a very lazy one, still I 
am able to see this truth.  There is no escape from all the non sense within 
us.  But just diligence in the practice and the courage of facing it what is 
really in us without running away to punch the pillow or reading and reading 
and more reading....

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