Yes Artie there is not only non sense in us but with the same equanimity also 
many good sense and good things in us. Breathing in awareness is the same to 
everyone.  I wonder if the outcome of breathing in awareness may be the same to 
everyone too.
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Well. . . 

"Practice" is not the same for everyone.

Not everything that's in us is nonsense, and some of us have managed to clean 
out some of the nonsense.

And punching the pillow and reading are not necessarily running away for some 
of us. . . . . 

Assumptions, judgements, and concepts!


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> Friends, there is something that can not be cheated on and no matter how 
> hard our unskillful mind tries and that is the insight that comes through 
> real diligence and  work in the practice.  Even when I am a very lazy one, 
> still I am able to see this truth.  There is no escape from all the non sense 
> within us.  But just diligence in the practice and the courage of facing it 
> what is really in us without running away to punch the pillow or reading and 
> reading and more reading....
> Mayka

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