Though I myself have not gone through the same nightmare, it reminds me of a 
Buddha saying that practice should not be carried out in a too tense way. The 
strings of the musical instrument should not be too tight or too loose. 
Sakyamuni himself experienced a feeling like having a being inside his body 
trying to tear his insides apart, when he did the extreme meditation. So try 
going the 'middle way'.


*I see. I think I tend to be harsh and disciplined in my approach. I definitely 
don't meditate with any kind of kindness or love towards myself. 

*I still, though, only meditate one hour per day or less. 

*Thank you for your response. 


?  I'm going to go about my meditation, and not let the dream freak me out, but 
really, would not like to have another one! 


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