I have dreams when I sleep and some are 'scary', but I just write them off
as dreams and go on from there.  I don't try to 'figure out' WHY I've dreamt
something or what I could do to prevent the dream reoccurring.  That is a
big, big topic for psychoanalysts though.


What you might do if you want to rationalize your dream is to consider that
it might be only symbolic.  Maybe the cutting-up/killing of your body is
really the dismembering of your illusory concept of 'self'.  That of course
would be a good thing - in my opinion.  Maybe you could put a positive spin
on it like that and see it as a sign your meditation practice is working.


That's all I can think of right now.Bill!


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Dear all, 


Recently I went to a spiritual retreat, and decided to intensify my
meditation practice and other aspects of having a mindful life. 


I was then beset by one of the  worst nightmares I've ever had, where I was
being chopped to bits by a hacksaw. The last line in the nightmare was "and
it's not a dream this time" at which I woke up, to, indeed find that it was
a dream. 


There is nothing so drastic in my personal life. My personal life is pretty
mundane with not many conflicts at the moment. 


I wonder if Ego sent me the dream, to keep me from intensifying my practice?
There have been other times in the past where I would get nightmares right
after I had determined to intensify my practice. 


ANY opinions, welcome. 


I'm going to go about my meditation, and not let the dream freak me out, but
really, would not like to have another one! 




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