Poor thing.  Sorry to hear about such an horrific dream.  I wonder if it means 
that you are going under an intense change in your life. Not always the meaning 
of unpleasant dreams is negative and sometimes they mean well on the contrary 
Bill was pointing out in his mail. Have you ever to face your own dream while 
dreaming?.   If you could do that whatever is there will be resolved during the 
dream.  I also agree with Anthony advice about be relax and very kind to 
yourself while practicing.  Slowly, slowly.  No rush. No expetations.  We go 
nowhere as we are already arrived in the here and the now, the chopper is 

A hug
Thank you, Makya.  No changes in my life.  Same old boring stuff.  My husband 
also  has had nightmares, and after finding this out, I no longer give it much 
energy.  I may have been thinking of the tornado and how the neighbor family 
"chopped up".  Maybe I am too harsh in my practice. I know I have no love for 
mysellf and am harsh on myself almost all the time.  I'm trying to work on 
loving myself, because I can't love anyone else until I have love for myself. 

Thank you for your kindly post and your hug :-)

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>From: Ari <aelindemann@>
>Subject: [Zen] EGO
>To: zen_fo...@yahoogrou
>Date: Tuesday, 10 August, 2010, 20:45
>Dear all, 
>Recently I went to a spiritual retreat, and decided to intensify my meditation 
>practice and other aspects of having a mindful life. 
>I was then beset by one of the  worst nightmares I've ever had, where I was 
>being chopped to bits by a hacksaw. The last line in the nightmare was "and 
>not a dream this time" at which I woke up, to, indeed find that it was a 
>There is nothing so drastic in my personal life. My personal life is pretty 
>mundane with not many conflicts at the moment. 
>I wonder if Ego sent me the dream, to keep me from intensifying my practice?  
>There have been other times in the past where I would get nightmares right 
>I had determined to intensify my practice. 
>ANY opinions, welcome. 
>I'm going to go about my meditation, and not let the dream freak me out, but 
>really, would not like to have another one! 

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