In this case, I perfer zen to Vajrayana, or other forms of Tantra. Like Bill 
says, in zen, you can be enlightened by a bad teacher, as long as you are 
committed. On the other hand, Tantra stresses too much on the role of the 
teacher. You almost have to follow him blindly. Of course, it is good if you 
can convert the negative into the positive, without suppressing the former. I 
wish you good luck. Can you really do so? We have examples of beautiful ladies 
used as sex slaves by senior Tantric monks, because they believed the negative 
'sex impulse' could be transformed into something positive through performing a 
sex ritual. I have no comment on that, but I will treat it as an amusing event, 
though I can imagine how the girl is hurt.

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Mayka, depending on which Buddhist path: Hinayana, Mahayana, Vajrayana, 
Mahamudra, Dzogchen, etc. that one is traversing, emotions are dealt with 

"This also illustrates one of the typical aspects of tantra: rather than 
repressing negative emotions like attachment, they are transformed into 
positive energy. 
But using this transformation principle has two sides: it is not only a very 
effective means of making mental changes, but if they are done without proper 
guidance of a qualified teacher, the practitioner can easily increase negative 
emotions rather than reducing them. 
So very powerful psychological techniques like tantra need to be treated with 
much care and consideration to avoid disastrous results for the practitioner."
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> Anthony:
> In theory : the continuos practice of awareness of body and mind, zazen, 
> walking meditation, cooking meditation and all activities made in our daily 
> life (even when we defecate) should help to bring enough energy of 
> mindfulness to stop there whenever and emotion arise in us.
> Mayka

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