Wow Mayka. Thank you. As my Master would say, we are all forms generated by the same singular life force of the universe. We are all equal, the same and one with the One.

Whatever feelings we have about this form of ours are temporary, relative and unrelated to the One.

When we are able to carry the calmness we cultivated during meditation into our daily lives, this calmness shall detach our self-nature from all emotions. To some of us this may sound difficult.

Yet, I have witnessed that it can be achieved if we meditate, for one hour daily at same time and same place, with a chi based method as taught by our school.

Chan is an experience based on meditation. Unless we meditate, it would be hard for us to surpass our habits, i.e. physical habits, mental habits, and spiritual habits.


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*In addition something important and honoring our JMJM and his tradition:*
*Let's love oneselves in syncronitation with the universe.
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    Date: Friday, 13 August, 2010, 9:02

    *You say: "Maybe I am too harsh in my practice. I know I have no
    love for mysellf and am harsh on myself almost all the time.  I'm
    trying to work on loving myself, because I can't love anyone else
    until I have love for myself."*  In my personal opinion This
    statement you've made it makes you by itself the perfect  asset to
    approach the Buddha Teachings.  Not many people have this
    realization about themselves and yet the real root of our
    suffering is the lack of love towards oneselves.  There is also
    often a misunderstanding about this teaching of loving oneselves
    or as Bill would more or less say: "Put the mask of oxygene first
    in you and once you're safe  help others do it the same" This is
    far of being a selfish statement, on the contrary is a very
    compassionate statement  for as long as one has realiced the
    consecuences and impact whatever is in us has over oneselves,  all
    our surroundings and the whole universe.  When a person is unhappy
    makes every one around her/him also unhappy. When a person is
    happy it happens the same.  So here the love towards oneselves is
    based in the healthy and altruistic principle of "I release the
    suffering in me so I can realease the suffering all around me".
    Completely agree with you and yes, loving oneselves is the
    hardest, difficult thing to do.  What it makes difficult this task
    is that in order to love oneselves we have to work extremely hard
    on it.  We have to face what is in us and that not always is
    easy.  In fact we ideally need a Teacher in order of doing so as
    the ego gets on the way and will find millions ways of
    deceiving us....
    Actions of compassion in all directions will help a lot.  I've
    found compassion actions be like the main vitamin supplement for
    keeping me truly alive.
    Welcome to the real dharma of the Buddha.

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        Date: Thursday, 12 August, 2010, 16:03

        Poor thing.  Sorry to hear about such an horrific dream.  I
        wonder if it means that you are going under an intense change
        in your life. Not always the meaning of unpleasant dreams is
        negative and sometimes they mean well on the contrary as Bill
        was pointing out in his mail. Have you ever to face your own
        dream while dreaming?.   If you could do that whatever is
        there will be resolved during the dream.  I also agree with
        Anthony advice about be relax and very kind to yourself while
        practicing.  Slowly, slowly.  No rush. No expetations.  We go
        nowhere as we are already arrived in the here and the now, the
        chopper is chopped!.
        A hug
        Thank you, Makya.  No changes in my life.  Same old boring
        stuff.  My husband also  has had nightmares, and after finding
        this out, I no longer give it much energy.  I may have been
        thinking of the tornado and how the neighbor family was
        "chopped up".  Maybe I am too harsh in my practice. I know I
        have no love for mysellf and am harsh on myself almost all the
        time.  I'm trying to work on loving myself, because I can't
        love anyone else until I have love for myself.
        Thank you for your kindly post and your hug :-)

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            Subject: [Zen] EGO
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            Date: Tuesday, 10 August, 2010, 20:45

            Dear all,
            Recently I went to a spiritual retreat, and decided to
            intensify my meditation practice and other aspects of
            having a mindful life.
            I was then beset by one of the  worst nightmares I've ever
            had, where I was being chopped to bits by a hacksaw. The
            last line in the nightmare was "and it's not a dream this
            time" at which I woke up, to, indeed find that it was a
            There is nothing so drastic in my personal life. My
            personal life is pretty mundane with not many conflicts at
            the moment.
            I wonder if Ego sent me the dream, to keep me from
            intensifying my practice?  There have been other times in
            the past where I would get nightmares right after I had
            determined to intensify my practice.
            ANY opinions, welcome.
            I'm going to go about my meditation, and not let the dream
            freak me out, but really, would not like to have another one!

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