As a favor to a prince, Nasruddin was acting as magistrate for a time.
In his first case he agreed with the plaintiff, and also with the
defendant. When the court clerk objected that both could not be right,
Nasruddin replied, ''I believe you are right.'' "

DP asked: "Why worry about death?" There was a time not so long ago when
I was fearful when contemplating my non-existence after death. Since
there is nothing I could do about it, I chose to stop thinking about
this matter and get on with life.


PS: Consider not even "believing" the answers you find in yourself -
they will be ever-changing!

--- In Zen_Forum@yahoogroups.com, Maria Lopez <flordel...@...> wrote:
> Dear DP:
> Don't take too seriously anything you read in forums and internet in
general.  Your questions are difficult questions to be answered by the
ones who have not in them the OCD experience.  Only yourself can answer
all those questions but if you can't find any answer in you yet, then
let it be as it is.  Accept it as it manifests in you.  Don't fight
against it.  And don't worry because FEAR in general is something we all
have in us in more or less measure.  Fear of death, Fear of living, Fear
of love, Fear losing our employment, Fear of speaking our minds....there
is always fear in us.   While experiencing strong fear I embrace this
emotion through the breathing and by facing it.  Perhaps you may like to
try too and see what you experience.
> Mayka

> --- On Mon, 16/8/10, DP dave.dplat...@... wrote:

> Well, this is what I meant by linguistic tricks. I was on another
forum in which I was talking about how my OCD was related to my fear of
death. I had two different reactions - one along the lines of "why worry
about death?" (telling someone with OCD not to worry or why worry is
exactly the wrong thing to do) the other was that I had to admit that my
OCD was an illusion. This last one really bothered me, and the poster
went further on to say that "disease = dis ease," which I thought was
trite and not very helpful. I soon gave up on that forum.

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