Hello Chris, Bill, JMJM, Artie, DP...and all;
"Just This" is the best explanation of zen I've ever heard as it embodies 
everything that needs to be known about zen. Tools as the awareness of the in 
and out breathing, zazen,  walking meditation, cooking meditation....are the 
tools that help me to cope and handle better what it daily comes to my life.  
Ultimately, more and more I believe that what we all need the most is a more 
genuine, affectuos, warm, sincere....human contact, friendship.... rather than 
buried the head into religious forms including that kind of religious zen that 
is doing more harm than good to people. To me, sometimes in theory and others 
times as a very real experience: zen is everyday life with whatever brings me 
that day, that moment. 

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"Are you the Judean People's Liberation Front?"
"No, we are the People's Liberation Front of Judea... He's
the Judean People's Liberation Front. SPLITTER!"

The value of religious practice is often difficult to assess from the
outside. And it is often more entertaining to argue with/against
people that you agree 90% on compared to arguing with/against people
that you only agree 10% on.

Personally, I find that the experience of zazen helps me move towards
an attitude like: "I am human, I consider nothing human alien to me."
At least until another human comes into the room :)


On Thu, Sep 9, 2010 at 6:48 PM, DP <wookielife...@yahoo.ca> wrote:
> I have a strange feeling towards other Buddhist traditions. While I find 
> interesting messages in reading about Christianity or even Islam and Judaism 
> (Hinduism I find too alien, although I love some of the imagery and 
> mythology), I have a sort of block against other Buddhist traditions. I can 
> admire somone like the The Dalai Lama, but I find Tibetan Buddhism too 
> esoteric. I have had a few negative experiences on chat boards with other 
> Buddhists in Theravada and Vajranaya traditions, where they even denigrated 
> Zen. Does anyone else find that other Buddhist traditions seem odder to them 
> than traditions outside Buddhism?
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