Dear Bill,
Always glad to help the mental gymnastics so ever-present in zen circles,  
and I do mean circles . . . you see, it just can't be done . . . 
And well, as the Sufis say, Donkey is never happy.
Best wishes
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You wrote:

In my  estimation there really is no way to assert what Zen is, whether you 
are  restricting it to zazen; or opening it to a wider religious and 
cultural  discussion...
[Bill!] No way to assert what Zen is? How sad...

I  think it is safe to say that Zen is a path that addresses the 
experiential  with zazen as its central methodology -- a sort of undoing of 
the  conditioned cultural and experiential part of your personality that  
continuously reacts and feeds your ego.
[Bill!] Thanks for your assertion  of what Zen is! I feel better now.  


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