And here I was going to say that Zen has a tradition of having people figure 
stuff out for themselves. People have always worshipped in groups and probably 
always will. I attend a Christian church and practice zazen. I don't run into 
trouble in either camp. I will say that as I become less interested in my own 
thoughts, I find it increasingly implausible that God, however experienced or 
known, would care about my thoughts either.  My church is pretty liberal and is 
based on a tradition of communal worship more individual professions of faith, 
so we probably have people with all sorts of divergent beliefs, but have never 
made our human thoughts the focus (except for typical petty squabbles about 
what songs to sing and when to stand and when to kneel etc.). 

Zen can be understood and practiced solely as an activity in which one is 
trained, not as a metaphysical belief system. 

I have to say that

Chris Austin-Lane
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On Sep 16, 2010, at 3:17, Edgar Owen <> wrote:

> DP,
> There is certainly immense intelligence embodied in the universe but it is 
> not the God imagined by Christians. The Christian God as usually thought of 
> is a delusion and delusions are the antithesis of Zen which deals only with 
> reality as it actually is. Anyone who believes in the usual Christian God 
> does not know Zen.
> Edgar
> On Sep 15, 2010, at 11:16 PM, DP wrote:
>> I have reconciled Zen and my Christian practise, if not beliefs - there 
>> seems to be little contrary to Zen in practising compassion towards others 
>> and showing mercy, which to me are the core of Jesus's teachings. Believing 
>> in God might be another thing, however. From what I understand, Buddhism and 
>> Zen do not deny the existence of God(s) but stress their non-importance to 
>> enlightenment. As long as I do not cling to an image of God (which the 
>> Abrahamic religions actually warn against in their admonition of idolatry) 
>> can I still be open to the presence of some intelligence to the universe? Or 
>> is that un-Zen?

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