I wish to be a laughing buddha.  But.    Well you know.    
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A Tibetan Buddhism Dzogchen perspective:

"Since everything is but an apparition, complete in being what it is,
having nothing to do with good or bad, acceptance or rejection, one may
well burst out into laughter."

-- Longchen Rabjampa

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Daily, nothing particular,
Only nodding to myself,
Nothing to choose, nothing to discard.
No coming, no going,
No person in purple,
Blue mountains without a speck of dust.
I exercise occult and subtle power,
Chopping wood, carrying water.

Some attribute it to Baso, the Japanese haiku poet - some attribute it
to Mazu,
the old Chinese chan master and teacher - and some attribute it to P'ang
Chu, a
student of Mazu's.

I guess some think this is just a "zen platitude" and not in the same
class as Rumi's poetry.


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