Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche was another genius. Very romantic. He never concealed 
what he would like to do. I sort of like him.

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Tantra: The Diamond Path
by Dza Patrul Rinpoche (1808-1887)
Translated by Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche
You who enjoy the union of bliss and emptiness
Seated motionless on the lunar disc
Above a beautiful hundred petalled flower
Radiant with white light,
I pay homage to you the Divine Guru, Vajrasattva.
Listen, Abushri,
You miserable, daydreaming fool,
You remember how delusions
Confused you in the past?
Watch out for delusions in the present,
And don't lead a hypocritical life.
Stop unnecessary speculations.
You've made hundreds of plans
Which never came off
And only led to disappointment.
Unfinished acts are like
The overlapping action of the waves.
Stay alone and stop
Making your own head spin.
You've studied hundreds of philosophies
Without grasping any of them.
What's the point of further study?
You've studied without remembering
Anything when you needed it.
What's the point of contemplation?
Forget about your "meditation"!
It doesn't seem to be
The Cure for conflicting emotions.
You may have recited the set number of mantras
But you still haven't mastered the concrete visualisations.
You may have mastered the concrete visualisations
But you still haven't loosened the grip of duality.
You may have subdued apparent evils
But you still haven't tamed your ego.
Forget your set periods of meditation
And following an obsessive schedule.
High and clear but not letting go,
Low and steady but lacking clarity,
Penetrating insight but only stabbing
That's your meditation!
Forget the stare of concentration
And the tethered mind.
Lectures sound interesting
But they don't help your mind.
The logical mind seems sharp
But it's really the seed of confusion.
Oral instruction sounds very profound
But it doesn't help if it isn't practised.
Forget about browsing through books
Which causes distraction and eyestrain.
You bang your antique prayer-drum,
But, just for the novelty of playing (with) it.
You offer up your body,
But in fact you're still attached to it.
You play clear sounding cymbals
But your mind is heavy and dull.
Forget about these tricks,
Attractive though they are.
Your disciples seem to be studying
But they never follow through;
One day there's a glimmer of understanding,
But the next day it has gone.
They learn one thing out of a hundred
But they don't retain even that.
Forget these apparently fervent disciples!
One's closest friend is full of love
Today and indifferent tomorrow.
He is humble one minute and proud the next.
The more one loves him the more distant he becomes.
Forget the dear friend who smiles
Because the friendship is still a novelty!
Your girlfriend puts on a smiling face
But who knows what she really feels?
For one night of pleasure it's nine months of heartache.
You can spend a month trying to bed her and still not succeed.
It's really not worth all the scandal and gossip,
So forget about her.
Never-ending chatter stirs up likes and dislikes.
It may be amusing, and enjoyable
But it's merely imitating the faults of others.
The listeners seem receptive
But they may be critical at heart.
It only gives you a dry throat
So forget about idle talk!
Preaching without first-hand experience
Of the subject is like dancing on books.
The audience way seem willing to listen
But they're not really interested at all.
If you do not practise what you preach
You'll be ashamed of it sooner or later,
So forget about hollow rhetoric!
When you haven't any books
You feel the need for them;
When you have them you don't.
It's only a few pages
But to copy them is endless.
All the books in the world
Would give you no satisfaction,
So forget about copying –
Unless you get a fee for it!
One day you're relaxed,
The next you are tense.
You will never be happy
If you're swayed by people's moods.
Sometimes they are pleasant
But maybe not when you need them
And you might be disappointed.
So forget about politeness and flattery!
Political and religious activities
Are only for gentlemen.
That's not for you, my dear boy.
Remember the example of an old cow:
She's content to sleep in a barn.
You have to eat, sleep and shit –
That's unavoidable – anything
Beyond that is none of your business.
Do what you have to do
And keep yourself to yourself.
You're as low as the lowest
So you ought to be humble.
There's a whole hierarchy above you
So stop being proud.
You shouldn't have too many close associates
Because differences would surely arise.
Since you're not involved
In religious and political activities
Don't make demands on yourself.
Give up everything, that's the point!
This Teaching is given by Yogi Trime Lodrö from his own experience to his dear 
friend Abushri. Do practise it, although there is nothing to practise. Give up 
everything – that's the whole point. Don't get angry with yourself even if you 
can't practise the Dharma.
Source: 'The Essential Chogyam Trungpa', Shambala, pp 15 - 156

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