Hello Audrey:
Thank you for introducing yourself and tell us a little bit about you.  We have 
times in which the forum gets a little busy and other times that is quiet.  
When the forum is busy then is easy to miss out posting from newcomers into the 
forum.  Very glad I didn't miss out your presentatation posting about 
yourself.  By the way I'm Mayka and not completely reliable as a practicioner.  
Whatever you will read from my posting ever take too seriously.  Of course this 
doesn't mean that everything I may say is rubbish as from time to time even 
Mayka gets inspired!!!...hehehe!
Welcome Dear Audrey!
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Hello all, my name is Audrey (Aud for short), and I am just now starting to 
indulge my interest in Zen. My background is military: My father was in the 
Navy for 20 years, and I was in the Marines for 2 (my husband was in the 
marines for 4). 
I now live in the Pacific NW as a homemaker, but I grew up near Jacksonville, 
FL. Both my mom and dad's families are from Southern Illinois, and I have quite 
a large extended family out there.
My husband is agnostic, and for a while I have practiced Asatru (a 
reconstructionist religion, of the indigenous Northern European peoples). I 
have found much joy, many friends, and have met some interesting people on this 
path, but unfortunately, I have found a lack of depth in Asatru (mainly, I 
think, because many attempt to reconstruct from books and other texts, which 
leave gaping holes in religious practice).
I came to Zen from a book on meditation when I was in my teens (the title is 
lost to history. lol). I stopped meditating while I was in the military, but 
I've picked it up again, and I've found zazen very helpful to my overall 
outlook on life. For one thing, when I started zazen, I stopped grinding my 
teeth at night! Needless to say, my dentist is quite happy, as I don't complain 
of pains that she can't find the cause of! :D 
Thanks for allowing me to introduce myself. I hope that I'll learn quite a bit, 
and make some good friends!
Brightest Blessings!


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