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As we all know,

   * Chan is taught without words.
   * Chan is the direct experience of the reality.
   * Chan is not two or Chan is one.

What kind of practice is Chan really? How do we describe it without words?

I have come to realize that it is a pure experience and a real time experience. Chan is a direct connection to the "initiator" embedded in every form at every moment. Instead of observing the form, we can connect to the "initiator" of every form.

Since this experience is completely internal, personal and formless, it just can not be described by words. For ease of communication, I called it "pure spiritual practice".

While this "pure spiritual practice" is completely formless, internal and personal, however it is reflected, described, labeled externally is not IT. Some call it "Just This", or "As Is", or "Suchness"... In fact we can call it anything we want, as long as we realize at the same time, it is not what it is called.

Let us all Experience the Now.
Head Teacher
Order of Buddha Heart

Be Enlightened In This Life - We ALL Can

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