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> The West has caused so much havoc over other cultures because of the
conditions they found themselves in, not because of some enduring
badness in them.     No there is no enduring goodness or badness in
*any* ethnic, racial, religious, cultural or national group.   The
conditions the West found itself in was one of military and economic
superiority, and they used that power to exploit other groups - which is
what powerful groups historically have done, driven by Darwinian
> If the native cultures had had access to the more powerful technology
that the West randomly had access to, the odds are that mistakes would
have been make.   No 'mistakes' were made by the West. No 'mistakes'
would have been  made by the natives. Power does not corrupt, it is used
to the advantage of those who possess it.     > People are people; look
to the conditions to explain the differences.  --Chris   Yes, and the
primary condition is: Which groups have the most power.   --ED        

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