Thanks Chris:
Your sincerity is appreciated. I quite like is someone disagrees or if someone 
has said something that was understood in a way that that person was affected 
to say so rather than keep it to oneslef.  I can assure you that my comment 
wasn't superficial but based in my personal general experience with life and 
the human race in general.  And believe that I would love to say that the good 
people are the winers.  But that would only be a lie.  Though occasionaly may 
happen some exception.  
Kind of visual exemple:
Immagine that there are two big wash bowls.  One is filled with black painting 
and the other is filled with white painting.  If you woud take a little bit of 
white painting from the white wash bowl and put into the black wash bowl. 
The  the black color from the black wash bowl won't be much alter.  But if you 
would put the same amount of black into the white wash bowl,  it would be 
noticeable that the white would be altered.  
Note: I choose black and white because they're neutral and not for any other 
different reason
Thanks for writing 

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The sentence I was disagreeing with is: 

On Sun, Sep 19, 2010 at 4:44 PM, Maria Lopez <> wrote:

My view about the human race is that the bad people are always the winers and 
the ones who promote real civilization based are always the losers.  

It certainly doesn't offend me that you believe this!  If I believed that 
myself, I'd be sadder than I am, but reasonable people disagree as they say.  



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