Ahh, every culture has repellent bits. Just the other morning I caught
myself spending so much time ianswering email on my smart phone that I did
not wake my daughter up until 7 am, depriving her of a promised early
morning read aloud time from Journey to the West from her father.  Getting
caught up in the smart-phone stimulation of my system at the expense of
reading to our children is I'm sure going to be widely condemned in the

I'm certainly not going to go and classify some arbitrary list of cultures
into "Good" and "Bad"  What would the wisdom of that be?

On Mon, Sep 20, 2010 at *6:53 AM*, ED <seacrofter...@yahoo.com> wrote:

At the present time, which cultures do you regard as 'repellent' and which
> not?

What is it they say, regard one thing as repellent and you are a thousand
light years from heaven?

You have been posting lots of historical things that we certainly all
consider to be repellent.  Perhaps I was hasty to use the word, my point was
I would not myself claim to be better than people in the past who
experienced various conditions that I don't.


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