Thanks Audrey:)
I must agree-- This rent-a-kid aunt business is the way to go!  All the 
perks--none of the pains;)  k

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That's a terrific story, Kristy! It made me smile. :)
I love to give gifts to children, as I will have none of my own (due to 
choice). My cousins are having kids left and right, a friend's sister is having 
a baby boy, and there are many of my friends who already have terrific children 
(my brother-in-law and sister-in-law just had a daughter, too!). Sometimes, I 
feel that I'll never stop crocheting baby afghans! LOL!
The awesome aunts and uncles in this world are a blessing to parents - often 
with time and money to spare (often, not always), they can nurture and teach 
children in ways that parents can't (or are unable to).
The joy on a child's face is a hard thing to match - perhaps later, you can 
teach him about service to others, and about being humble. For now, he gets to 
be a kid! :D


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> I must whole-heartedly agree~~
> While I do not have children-- I spoil my 4-yo nephew endlessly.  He is  a 
> true sports-nut;)  His current passions are golf, basketball, and 
> football.  I recently sent him a box of "surprises".  
> An official college football jersey... official golf-ball set of that team, 
> along with a huge box of matching tees .  Plus a golf towel, glove, 
> "Golf-Aid" first-aid kit to carry in his bag.
> To make matters worse.. thinking to myself that its time he starts learning 
> about $$ now that he is officially in pre-school, I sent a digital football 
> piggy-bank, along with rolls of coins to deposit, and  practice his counting 
> skills.  (Someday he'll realizes  that those  jerseys cost  anywhere 
> from $30- $50--thats a lot of coins).  
> Yes~  those funds could  have been spent on service to others.
> He was  very excited when he opened his goodies, and immediately put on 
> the  jersey to go to a football game with his parents.
> It made my day.. k


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