IMO, religion is *not* poison, and in fact is quite *beneficial* to many
or most.

*Every* religion (and atheism too) has sub-groups and individuals who
use its teachings (or non-teachings) in a poisonous way.

For instance, I believe that the Canadian prime minister subscribes to
the beliefs of a Christian sect that uses Christianity in a poisonous


--- In, "DP" <wookielife...@...> wrote:
> No, I'm not demanding anything. I just find it troubling that when one
place in the forum I was addressing was relegated to religious and
spiritual discussions (which I sincerely believe need to be a part of
solving the problems we're facing as a planet), any possible discussion
of moderate or progressive spirituality was being forced out by the view
that "all religion is poison."

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> >
> > DP,
> >
> > What concern is that of yours? (Double standards are intrinsic to
> > non-Buddha nature of all humans.) Are you demanding that these
> > change their ways for you to be happy?
> >
> > --ED

> > --- In, "DP" <wookielifeday@> wrote:
> > >
> > > I guess you're right. However, I still feel that the same people
> > caricature the Abrahamic religions have no problem doing the same
> > Buddhism.

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