Many, many things can be *said* about Bill's alleged statement: "when
one has a problem with someone, it is never theirs, it's always yours."

For starters:

(1) It's a koan

(2) Truth, once it is spoken is no longer the truth.

(3) Truth cannot be asserted or denied.

(4) Every statement is 50% right.

(4) If one does not adopt some sort of attitude like this, no
intelligent and non-violent solution can be arrived at.

(5) I first heard such a statement made at a "Pursuit of Excellence"
seminar some 26 years ago in the form:

"If your wife is angry, how have you caused her anger?" (From memory)

(6) Or, if your wife is angry, and you want her not to be angry, then
you have a need, and *you* must change your ways so as not to rouse her

(7) etc.

Plenty of room for controversy, no?  ;-)


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> Bill, in a previous post to DP you said something about when one has a
problem with someone, it is never theirs it's always yours.

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