Edgar and Ed,

Determining what is illusion is a very simple matter, and can't be put into
words at all.

Just sit.  Or if you don't know how, find a zendo somewhere near you and get
some instruction, or even browse the internet.  There are lots of sites that
give instructions on how to do zazen.  JMJM Chan site would be a good start.



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Determining what is illusion is not a simple matter that can be put in just
a few words. Here's my article on the nature of mind, reality and illusion.








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[EO]  Nonsense. Zen is not anti anything except perhaps illusion. 


I currently favor your understanding (subject to further thought and

And, how does one determine when one is under an illusion/delusion and when



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Nonsense. Zen is not anti anything except perhaps illusion.  


Intelligence is absolutely necessary to recognize illusion so that it can be
transcended. Only then can Zen mind be realized.


Zen is not the absence of intelligence or anything else. It is the
realization of everything for what it is including the use of the
intellectual mind to solve real problems. The notion that Zen is only
sitting doing nothing and not functioning in the world in one's daily life
is a dangerous illusion. True Zen is 24/7 no matter what one is doing....






[DP] "I should point out that at their most extreme the "internet atheists"
do not spare Buddhism, claiming it is, of all things, anti-intellectual."

Buddhism is not anti-intellectual.  Zen is.





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