Is OCD a self-diagnosis or are you under the care of a physician for this
condition?  If you're not under the care of a physician I advise you to talk
with one about these feeling.  If you already are then follow his/her
recommendations, and if you're not getting any better tell him/her so they
can adjust your medication or other therapy. 

I would certainly think zazen would be a good companion therapy for OCD, but
you would need to be careful not get too obsessed about things like what you
should wear, how you should sit, how long you should sit and especially do
NOT count breathes.  Just wear anything loose and comfortable.  Sit however
you want as long as you can breathe deeply in a relaxed manner.  Don't use a
clock or other method to time your sitting - just sit as long as you feel
comfortable.  If you get fidgety just get up and walk around or do whatever
you have to do and then come back and sit some more.  When you're sitting
just 'follow your breath', out-in - out-in.  Don't THINK 'out - in', just
allow your consciousness to flow back and forth, in and out with the

Good luck.Bill!


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I've been having problems with being distracted at work. I suffer from OCD,
and often find myself obsessing and worrying about stuff and finding it
detracting from my job. Does anyone have any advice?

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