You're welcome Jody.
That very pleasant calming sound you mention in your post is produced not only 
because of the techniques used but also because of the calmness of the one who 
rings the bell.  In order to get into that stillness state of body and mind:  I 
try to write in a very, very simplistic way the steps (instructions given 
here are for the big bell  as the small bell is beaten slightly different as it 
doesn't rest on the cushion floor as big one but on the left plain hand) .
1- Breathing for  three and out breathes in awareness trying to have an 
straight back and the belly is free from any obstacles blocking the circulation 
of the in and out breathing.
2- With palm together in the form of a lotus flower, bow to the bell.
3- Awake the bell and stop there for three in and out breathes
4- Ring the bell and stop there for three in and out breathes (three times the 
5- Bow to the bell with the left hand free and the other hand resting on the 
straight stick put in front of you on the floor.
6- Start your sitting down session by putting the hands in the meditation mudra 
used for meditation.
You can also make use of  poetry to help you to concentrate better in the sound 
of the bell,  Here I write for you a couple of them I can remember by heart:
"Body, speech and mind in perfect oneness,
I send my heart alone with the sound of this bell.
May all the hearers awaken from forgetfulness
And transcend the path of anxiety and sorrow"
Or you could use
"Listen, listen to this wonderful sound,
It brings me back to my true home" 
Enjoy the ringing sound!

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Hello Mayka,

Thank you so much. I do understand the importance of experience and
understanding for ringing the bell. I have heard it done properly and it is
a very hypnotic sound. 


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