Chris said: "To know zen, the easiest method is to sit zazen."


Zazen *is* IT - *and* the following may help:

o  One has a zen master as a guide, and has occasional interviews with
him/her in person.

o  A significant proportion of the zazen is as a group, and preferably
in a zendo.

o  One does not indulge or over-indulge in movies, TV, Internet
browsing/groups, idle talk, partying, etc., etc.

o  One lives a meticulously moral/ethical life

o  One avoids contentiousness

o  One lives in a monogomous and reasonably compatible relationship

o  One peruses and contemplates Zen buddhist scriptures and commentaries
to an appropriate extent

o  One listens to teishos as often as is feasible

o  One attends sesshins as often as is feasible

o  One associates to some extent with other zennists

o  If needs be, one resolves psychological/emotional problems with the
help of a psychotherapist/psycholgist who is also a zennist, but is not
your zen master

o  One continually returns to mindfulness in the here and now

o  And so on


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> To know zen, the easiest method is to sit zazen.
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