The form of a human being is not separated from planet earth.  You're right and 
everything is impermanent including  planet earth with all its continuous 
flowing of Miltie-different forms  life.  Humans being are another form of life 
manifested out of conditions.  There is the earth in human beings as there is 
the fire, water, air and consciousness.  I was not giving human attributes to 
earth though you seemed to perceive in that way.  When one touches the 
emptiness of the form then one sees things with the eyes of the non eyes, the 
ears of the non's in that way that one sees the non separation from 
any form and non form.  
What you call natural disasters happened much before human beings were 
manifested on Earth I just call evolution, change, impermanence.  But disasters 
caused as a reaction of our planet earth by human beings abused to nature are 
very far of being natural disasters.  Expressing in a poetic way or with 
metaphors the "suffering" of the earth caused by human abuse is not giving to 
Mother Earth human attributes at all but an expression of  empathy towards 
towards planet earth.  
There is this really good teaching from TNH about interbeing that advices us to 
see everything in the light of interbeing. I took a cut from one of my 
geraniums and planted in a small pot.  I looked at the little pot everyday.  
The more the little cut started to grow bigger and bigger, the less soil was 
left in the pot.  The soil become the geraniums!.
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Mayka -
Over the 4 billion or so years that planet Earth has existed, life has come and 
gone many times.  This infinitesimal grain of sand we call home has been heated 
by volcanoes and dust, frozen over, slammed into by even smaller rocks, and 
poisoned with oxygen.  Each event was traumatic, and lethal to much if what 
lived here at the time.   Nature was here before all that and will be here 
Some billions of years ago, a star exploded, causing a nearby cloud of dust and 
gas to coalesce into the sun, planets, and other detritus of our solar system.  
Nature was here before all that, and will be after.  
Some 4 billion years from now, our sun will swell into a red giant star, 
killing everything on Earth; destroying all terrestrial evidence that home 
sapiens ever existed.  Nature was here before all that, and will be after.  
Giving human attributes to Nature is a serious error.  Humanity is 
impermanent.  Life comes and goes.  Stars ignite.  Stars burn out.  Nature goes 
on.  Nature does not care what we do, because there is no person there to care.
Nature just is.  
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