Mike,   That's one response to the koan being thrust on you.   --ED

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ED,    If it's driven by their good-heartedness then I'm ok with that.
It's when it's driven by their desire to save me because I'm wrong that
I object.   Mike



That's very funny!

However, persons who have found a belief or practice which makes them
feel good are usually driven by their good-heartedness to share it with
their friends - and so their being alogical or illogical in their
presentations may not really matter.


> I'm not blind to the light - it's just the advertising I don't get. I
guess I'm
> just like the man who writes to Tampax saying that he's been smoking
> product for years but still can't play tennis or ride a bike.
> Mike

> No problem, Mike.  When one day you experience light, then you can
talk about it
> anyway you prefer.  --JMJM

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