It sounds better English expresed as:  I'm under the impression...rather than I 
get the impression.  But I don't know you tell me which of them is a better 
used of English. 
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M & A, 
Babelfish yielded:   
"It gives the impression me that this gentleman suffers of depression."
Which can be touched up to read:
"I get the impression that this gentleman suffers from depression."
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> Anthony:
> He he...!.  What a laugh,  "Senor" being translated as a "Sinner".This maybe 
> because the N from word "SENOR" should have a wave line on the top which I 
> can't have because my keyboard is British.  Senor means : Sir, Mister.  But 
> in English translation with this sentence it may go better gentleman.  so the 
> sentence says: 
> " I'm under the impression that this gentleman suffers from depression"
> Mayka

> Mayka,
> My translation is: I am under the impression that you sinner suffer from 
> depression.
> Anthony

> Me da la impresion que este senor sufre de depresion.  Mayka

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